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If one asks a scientist or mathematician about higher dimensions, they will say various things about them. Most will say the Universe is at least four dimensional, though answers of five, eleven and even twenty-six are also to be expected. Ask them how a dimension works, and one can expect lots of mathematical jargon concerning Cayley-Menger Determinants, Riemann curvature tensors and Calabi-Yau manifolds.

The aim of this website is to look at the two different types of dimension there are known to be - temporal and spatial - in a way the layman can understand. Time is the temporal dimension, and in the chapter on time, we analyse the question of the possibility of time travel, learning much about time itself in the process. Then, we shall analyse the idea of a fourth spatial dimension, beyond our usual three, considering the possibilities it could hold should it exist, and (for the enthusiast) properties of four- and higher-dimensional shapes.

So, prepare to enter a new world of science, where the unfamiliar is commonplace, the laws of physics are manipulated to breaking point to reveal stunning conclusions, and lack of any relevance to everyday life is disregarded in favour of better understanding the universe we live in- and, indeed, multiple universes we do not.
Temporal Dimension of Time The Fourth Spatial Dimension
Introduction to Understanding Time Introduction
Time Travel? Conceptualisation
Past, Future and Present Four Dimensional Shapes
Time Travel to the Future Rotation in the Fourth Dimension
Time Travel to the Past Storage and Travelling
Other Curiosities Associated with Time Travel:Jinn and Paradoxes Matter/Antimatter and Other Views of How the Fourth Dimension Exists
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